Guest blogger: Radha Agrawal

Radha AgrawalAn experienced producer and agent for commercials and music video directors for the past eight years, Radha decided to take her commercial experience to tell real, socially impactful stories. She joined forces with her college friend and together they started The Editorial Project, a company whose aim is to create content with honest discourse on complicated issues. Currently, they are producing a feature length documentary, "The Trigger Line", about American foreign policy in Iraq, specifically the Al Anbar province. Born and raised in Montreal Canada to an Indian father and Japanese mother, Radha’s interest in world issues began at a very early age. Fluent in French, proficient in Japanese, Hindi and Spanish, she graduated from Cornell University and has traveled to over 30 countries around the world as a filmmaker and a traveler. A passionate wellness advocate, Radha is currently building a health and wellness brand for kids that teaches them about nutrition and sustainability. She is a founding partner in an organic pizzeria, in New York City where she currently resides.

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