Guest blogger: Wendy Alexander

Wendy AlexanderWendy Alexander has been a Member of the Scottish Parliament since it was created in 1999, serving as Leader of Labour in the Scottish Parliament 2007 - 2008. She has held a variety of Ministerial positions in the Scottish Cabinet including as Communities Minister and Enterprise, Lifelong Learning, Tourism and Transport Minister. She has chaired the Parliament's Finance Committee and currently serves on its Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee. Previously she served as Special Adviser to Donald Dewar, when he was Secretary of State for Scotland and was deeply involved in the establishment of the Scottish Parliament.An INSEAD MBA, prior to entering politics Wendy worked for Booz & Co. She is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Strathclyde from where she hold an honorary doctorate. Her policy interests include economics and enterprise, decentralised governance and women in politics and society. She co-edited 'New Wealth for Old Nations'', (PUP) examining success strategies for old nations, and 'Donald Dewar: Scotland's First First Minister' (Mainstream 2005) and serves on the Policy Advisory Boards of the Social Market Foundation and Reform Scotland.

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