Baroness Goudie Blog: February Newsletter

This month has been a significant moment for reflecting on what it means to be a woman today. From the centenary of the 1918 suffrage act, to the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns, we are at a moment where we can reflect on what we have achieved, but we are very aware of what still to needs to come.

I encourage you all (women and men) to continue questioning, challenging and moving forward to ensure we continue our progress towards equality.

As always I share with you below important news, videos and articles which I encourage you all to read/ watch.


Dame Helena Morrissey "A Good Time to Be a Girl"

A particularly special moment this month was the launch of my dear friend Helen Morrissey's book - A Good Time to Be a Girl. This is an exceptional book with great advice for women building their careers, but also important reading for men as we continue to strive for equality in the workplace.

Drawing on her experience as a City CEO, mother of nine, and founder of the influential 30% Club which campaigns for gender-balanced UK company boards, her manifesto for new ways of working, living, loving and raising families is for everyone, not just women. Making a powerful case for diversity and difference in any workplace, she shows how, together, we can develop smarter thinking and broader definitions of success. Gender balance, in her view, is an essential driver of economic prosperity and part of the solution to the many problems we face today. Her approach is not aimed merely at training a few more women in working practices that have outlived their usefulness. Instead, this book sets out a way to reinvent the game – not at the expense of men but in ways that are right and relevant for a digital age. It is a powerful guide to success for us all.

Helena shared more on the book with Women Ahead in the below video:


Vital Voices - Global Mentoring Walk, 10th March

Vital Voices engages its Global Leadership Network each year through the Global Mentoring Walk, convening established and emerging women leaders to walk together in their communities. As they walk, each established leader guides, advises and supports an emerging leader as they discuss professional challenges and triumphs. Held on the same weekend in countries around the world, the Mentoring Walk activates the power of the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network.

On 10th March this year a historic 150 Global Mentoring Walks will take place in over 60 countries.

Learn more and find a walk near you!



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30% Club Ireland

This month I was pleased to be in Dublin for the 30% Club Ireland conference on 'Men and women working together to achieve real change'. It was ann important day bringing together many businesses across Ireland leading the charge to achieve better gender balance at all levels in leading Irish businesses.

Please watch the film to learn more...


Syria is a moral defeat for Europeans

Natalie Nougayrède


After 1945 Europe said “never again” but never again is happening before our eyes in the Middle East, says Guardian columnist Natalie Nougayrède

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'Hearts and Minds - The Untold Story of the Great Pilgrimage and How Women Won the Vote'

This month marked the centenary of the 1918 suffrage act. This book is an important reflection on the struggle for women votes. Set against the colourful background of the entire campaign for women to win the vote, Hearts and Minds tells the remarkable and inspiring story of the suffragists' march on London.

International Women’s Day – let’s use our voices all over the world

Role of Women in Public Life - House of Lords debate, 5th February 2018