What’s Missing

What’s Missing

We live in unprecedented times – political and economic change is happening constantly and capturing our minds and our headlines.


But as headlines change and tweets are forgotten, we mustn’t forget about the people whose lives have not changed, and who have no clear end to living amongst conflict.


Some stories that we need to start talking more about…


The Global Refugee Crisis

In most cases there is no clear path of how or where some 65.3million displaced people across the globe can secure a more permanent home.  But the world must start thinking about how we will support these people and give some semblance of a future. Not only this – but put a stop to the underworld that is leveraging this huge displacement of people. Refugees are being trafficked night by night across the Mediterranean to Greece and Italy, and we do not know what is demanded of them by their traffickers. These are vulnerable people with nothing to their name who are at the mercy of people who are looking for ways to profit from them.  

The figures from UNHCR:


In Nigeria, hundreds of Chibok girls who were kidnapped by Boka Harran have not be reunited with their parents; the ones lucky enough to have been released are now faced with the testing transition of trying to develop a normal life where they are accepted by their families having been being repeatedly raped by their captors. 



In Yemen, diplomats have been shocked at seeing millions of starving children and the lack of diplomacy to address the situation. The world community has to step up. Mothers are afraid to leave their children in hospital because of bombings and the food crisis in only exasperated by the conflict of Houthi rebels.



The situation in Myannmar is deteriating, where the army is allegedly torturing Rohingya Muslims, in what is being called ““area clearance operations”. Reports from the UN have included child rape, torture and murder. The government has denied any involvement.


Mosul, Iraq

Outside the besieged city of Mosul, there are 13,000 civilians wounded, waiting for surgery. Medical care, and after care is not being taken care of as part of the peace process. Many of these victims require amputations, and sadly prosthetics are not available to them.




These are only a few of the stories that we cannot forget and need to draw the world’s attention to once again. There are so many places that need our support and continued commitment to ensure we do not lose generations to radicalism and discontent because we weren’t there to help and support.


As countries continue to review their foreign aid pledges we must unite and not let this have devastating effects. We are needed; our infrastructure and knowledge is essential to ensuring men, women and children will survive and our children will inherit an equal society where every life is of importance.




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