Women's March - 21st January 2017

Women's March - 21st January 2017

On Saturday 21st January women and men around the world came together to take part in the

Women's March - a global movement to unite against inequality.

I attended the London march with Women for Women International who helping women who have survived war rebuild their lives; Gaps UK an organisation for gender action, for peace and security and members of my family.

I was glad to be there alongside my colleges and friends.  We were marching to demonstrate our support for women being the news stories, the women whose hopes and dreams are often overshadowed by war and conflict. By marching we were able to stand up and give a voice to women who might other wise be forgotten.

These marches stand for solidarity - women were marching against terror, hate, exploitation, human trafficking and lack of equal pay.

Now we need to continue to stand together - men and women and work together to find ways to tackle the problems women face across the world.


Written Questions to Government on the UK's response to the treatment of Rohingya people in Burma

Global stability cannot be achieved without women at the peace table