Power Shift 2016 - Quotas debate

In May I was so pleased to be part of the 2016 Power Shift Forum's Oxford union-style debate on women on boards - "This house believes nations should adopt quotas for women on corporate boards" It was an important debate on the pros and cons of imposing quotas to improve female representation on boards. As a founder of the 30% Club I was representing the con side of imposing quotas and why quotas do not produce the best business and social outcomes. Instead voluntary change where men and women collaborate together to ensure there are women on boards as well as in leadership roles throughout organisations, including strong pipelines of future female leaders, is the only way to ensure sustained positive outcomes for global economies.

A powerful debate, which I encourage you to take the time to watch in full - Power Shift 2016: Women and Leadership.

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Happy Holidays from Baroness Goudie

Power Shift Forum 2016