Vital Voices: The Power of Women Leading Change Around the World

The newly released book, Vital Voices: The Power of Women Leading Change June 12 VV BookAournd the World, features a foreword from Vital Voices founder, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and contributions from global leaders including for instance former president of Chile and Executive Director of UN Women Michelle Bachelet. The book is organized into five chapters, each describing a distinct quality of leadership

1. A Driving Force or Sense of Mission

2. Strong Roots in the Community

3. Ability to Connect Across Lines that Divide

4. Bold Ideas and Bold Action

5. Paying it Forward

Each chapter illustrates a quality of leadership with true stories of leaders in Vital Voices’ global network; featured leaders were interviewed by author Alyse Nelson.


* This book was written for a simple reason: to share a new perspective on leadership. We at Vital Voices have learned—in 15 years of working with over 12,000 women in 144 countries—that women embody a distinct model of leadership, one that we believe can be uniquely effective in tackling many of humanity’s most pressing challenges.

* This book puts forward the notion that we must move beyond the global recognition of women’s power as leaders of economic growth—we must recognize women as a leadership force that can be harnessed to advance the common good of our global community.

* In today’s interconnected world, we’re confronted with rising inequities, political unrest, shifts in culture and global economic recovery—we need leaders who are inclusive, collaborative, creative and committed to sustainable change.

* Vital Voices presents a unique paradigm of leadership. This paradigm, learned from the women of Vital Voices’ network and informed by emerging global trends, fundamentally shifts our understanding of leadership as power—leadership is not power to be hoarded but rather it is influence that expands when it inspires action in others.

* The women of our global network compel us to keep working – to think bigger, to do better – because they prove to us that something much greater than ourselves is at stake. They have shown us that advancing women’s leadership is about more than women – it is about our shared, global endeavor for human progress.

* It’s our hope that this book and this model inspire action in others. There is no perfect time to lead—we’re all called to contribute, to do our part.

* This model is not exclusive to women; we believe that men can take on this model and as more women enter positions of power, their style of leadership will affect the way men lead as well.

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