Channel 4 News – Women in the boardroom

Channel 4 last week approached Baroness Goudie for her thoughts on David Cameron’s comments on equality in the boardroom, during his appearance at the Northern Futures Forum summit in Stockholm, Sweden. Mr Cameron had suggested that 30 percent quotas could be the answer to inequalities in Britain’s boardrooms.

Baroness Goudie as a steering committee member of the 30 Percent Club highlighted that quotas were not the answer.

"We feel that the change is not going fast enough, but talking to people and being persuasive is the best way to deal with it," she said.

Women are now on the radar of headhunters and investors, who are increasingly pushing for women on boards, which is already making a difference, she added.

Since Lord Davies' report, the proportion of FTSE 100 women directors has risen from 12.5 per cent to 15 per cent this year.

"My view is that there will be an improvement. Once it starts to happen, everything else will have changed. It's becoming now a way of life, not an exception," added Baroness Goudie.

Channel 4’s full report can be found here:

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